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TRANSPARENCY:  Rates in U.S. are 450.00 USD per hour plus expenses.  Rates in EU average 800 Pound sterling/Euro per day (minimum 20 days) plus expenses.  Set fee short-, long-term contract or project rates are available upon request.  


Consulting Services A - Regulatory Compliance (EU & US)

  • review an organization's and or business’ policies, processes and procedures to ensure incorporation of and compliance with applicable laws, statutes, regulations, and guidance
  • training staff and employees and management
  • assessing, auditing, reviewing, and reporting on the compliance management system
  • ensuring compliance with AML/BSA/CFT and other financial service compliance regulations and guidance (e.g. UK FCA Handbook; FATF, MiFID II, Dodd-Frank, EU GDPR, FDIC FIL, OCC Comptroller Handbooks; NCUA Consumer Compliance Manual)

Consulting Services B - Enterprise Risk Management (EU & US)

  • develop, review, and or enhance an enterprise wide risk management system that identifies, assesses, monitors, and communicates a detailed report of industry specific risks to management.

Consulting Services C - Financial Fraud Investigations / Data Privacy Breach / Information Management, Privacy and Cybersecurity

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Submission of this contact form does not constitute a contractual agreement between the submitting person/company and Themis Consultants. Prior to entering into any representation, a background check might be run to ensure there is no conflict of interest or other impediment to representation. You will be contacted in person by this office prior to entering into any consultation arrangement.

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