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In Greek, the word themis referred to divine law, those rules of conduct long established by custom. Unlike the word nomos, the term was not usually used to describe laws of human decree.  Themis, the Greek Goddess, was often represented seated beside Zeus’ throne advising him on the precepts of divine law and the rules of fate.  Themis was closely identified with Demeter Thesmophoros ("Bringer of Law"). Themis was also identified with Gaia (Gaea, Earth) especially in the role of the oracular voice of earth.  In general, Themis had three existences:  the Goddess of natural order, which manifested through the seasonal and never-ceasing rotation of time; the Goddess of moral order, manifested through fair order, trial and peace, which were the utmost characteristics of the society, and through the destiny of every human being; and finally, the Goddess of prophecy

Based upon this historic theme, Themis Consultants, Inc. was formed to provide advice on the precepts of good conduct as an integral part of businesses' triple bottom line (planet, people, profits).  Concern for and awareness of how a business' actions impact the planet, people, and profits are integral to longevity and sustainability.  Themis Consultants, Inc. recognizes that, historically, companies that fail to consider the triple bottom line will inevitable repeat the lessons of history by seeking short-term profits creating long-term negative impacts to the economy, societies, and the planet.  Therefore, Themis Consultants, Inc. encourages and advises on scaleable, sustainable, long-term precepts, systems, and practices that promote financial performance, social wealth creation, and environmental responsibility. 

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.
— George Santayana

Founder, CEO

Elizabeth Baker, JD, CRCMP

Is the Founder and CEO of Themis Consultants, Inc. She is a licensed attorney in Washington and Oregon, U.S. and an EU and US internationally certified risk and compliance management professional.  With over 30 years' experience in the legal and financial fields working for government agencies, private and publicly traded companies, she has the business acumen and insight to handle the most complex cases in a confidential, professional and thorough manner.  She has investigated, interviewed and deposed numerous witnesses, tried, and successfully resolved numerous multi-million dollars cases.    

Elizabeth Baker has been providing training and advice as an experienced business professional and entrepreneur for decades.  She has worked with the Washington state Attorney General, Washington state Court of Appeals, Seattle Municipal Court, as well as over a decade as in-house corporate counsel for a bank and a national private lending company.  As a University Associate Professor she lectures on White Collar Crime, Enterprise Risk Management, and Data Privacy & Cybersecurity. She consults for and works with financial service institutions (banks, credit unions, insurance companies), casinos, real estate developers and holding companies, construction companies, YouTube content creators, software developers, startup companies, tech, medical companies and personnel, and non-profits organizations. She is experienced with the analysis and enhancement of operational processes and procedures, regulatory compliance, enterprise risk management, data privacy and  breaches, as well as investigating financial and insurance fraud claims. 

As the CEO of Themis Consultants, Inc., she brings her years of experience handling financial fraud investigations; SAR, False Claims Act, White Collar Crime, BSA / AML / CFT; developing, enhancing and or reviewing enterprise risk management systems; advising on integrating regulatory compliance into the culture and operational workflow processes and systems  to national and international businesses in the US and EU. 



J.D., 1993

B.A., 1989

Activities & Affiliations

•Washington State Bar Association, Member
•Oregon State Bar Association, Member
•EU & US Internationally Certified Risk and Compliance Management Professional

Bar Admissions

• Washington and Oregon, U.S.A.