Themis Consultants, Inc.


Enterprise Risk, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Fraud Investigations & Corporate Operations


Experienced certified risk, regulatory compliance, and financial fraud investigation services.

Themis Consultants Inc. works with a diverse range of clients on a variety of financial and business matters. Themis assists businesses and financial service institutions throughout the US and EU providing training on AML/BSA, financial fraud red flags, as well as consulting services related to financial fraud investigations, enterprise risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Themis' focus is on assisting tech, fintech, financial services, healthcare, insurance and other highly regulated industries with their compliance, training on recognizing and combating as well as investigating financial fraud.

Whether you are looking to develop an enterprise risk management or compliance system or need a specific matter investigated, we will help you grow and protect what you've created efficiently and cost-effectively. With decades of business experience working with startups to turning around troubled businesses, we are here to support your strategic goals while identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks.

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